Because The

Donald Glover/Childish Gambino has recently turned into a bit of a hero of mine. I first saw him a few years ago in a Youtube sketch group called Derrick Comedy. I saw him repeatedly scream the words 'what the fuck Belanie?'

I knew then that he had some skills.

Since then he's written for 30 Rock, starred in Community, performed stand up, and is becoming a pretty successful rap-man.

Check out the video 3005.

But the thing that really made me take notice is what he's doing on the side. To coincide with his most recent album, he published an accompaniment multimedia screenplay. 

It's called It's a 73 page screenplay with embedded multimedia.

I love this idea. Screenplays are often just annoying little stacks of paper. They're not usually the end result, but a means to an end. 

I'd like to see more people take on this idea. 

Use the tools available to create something unique, weird, and wonderful.