A Hat & Spoon Book

The Underdog Stories is a selection of surreal, satirical, and subversive short stories from the mind of Luke Kondor.

A collection of strange, wonderful, sad, romantic, and horrific tales about what happens when the underdog bites back.

Track listing:
1. The People Who Live In My Beard
2. His Dirty Little Portal
3. Doghouse
4. @boyonawall
5. Dog Done Bad
6. Singer In The Shadows
7. Rent
8. A Mother's Letter
9. The Underdog


What other people have said about Luke Kondor’s words:

“Luke Kondor is a master of wit and satire."

"A step into the surreal whilst reflecting on how life actually is.

“… probably the best short-story based decision I've ever made in my life.

“Luke Kondor cleverly holds a mirror to ourselves. We are challenged to confront the meaning of individualism and the notion of the self.”

“You will be touched in strange ways."