Story Idea #350: Puppy

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#350: Puppy.

10 years ago a woman got beaten so badly by her boyfriend he got sent down. He went on and on about how it was because he loved her. He loved her more than he can stand.

So then he goes to prison, never stops thinking about her, meets a fly that talks, tells him that he can make him a deal, reconnect him with the woman.

But it will be a different love, he will be able to put the man inside the woman's next love.

The man thinks he isn't stupid. Says he knows she's already married to someone new.

No, the fly says, you will never take her hand as a partner again, but you will possess the body of her next love.

Suddenly it clicks.

It's the child. He'll possess the body of her child.

Okay he says, and the deal is done. He wakes up again in the new body.

But it's not the child. The child's yet to be born. No, he's in the body of a
staffordshire bull terrier puppy. The new man, he'd bought the family a present before the child's birth and the woman had fallen in love within first sight.

So now the child is born and he has to watch it from this stupid sluggish body of a dog.

He makes his plans though.

He'll go for a walk, take the new man out, take his throat-meat, and then he'll make his way to the bedroom, to the crib, and then he'll be the only love again, no distractions, just the woman and her puppy.