STORY IDEA #359: Three-Part Harmony

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#359: Three-Part Harmony.

You become shipwrecked on some island off the coast of Scotland. It's cold and wet and you just do whatever you can to stay warm until you hear the singing on the waves. It's pop music. Stuff you know. And you sing along and swim out one night, convinced someone else is out there.

You swim in the dark until you've lost the island altogether and you're simply floating in the dark hearing the singing. Three voices now in perfect harmony.

Three women's faces rise to the surface and they look beautiful and they sing and they look like they're going to help you and they hug you, help you float, but then they nip tiny bites at you, ripping off tiny chunks of your flesh away.

They keep you alive by keeping you afloat but they continue to nip at you beneath the water.


Eventually, you decide you have to break away and at least try to escape. You dive down deep and realise there isn't three women at all. They're joined in a single body below. Some tentacled fishy beast.

The mouths were the cups of the tentacles, biting little pieces away but now you see it's true mouth, no, a beak, open up, and the three women/arms push you down and towards it. 

All the while you hear the singing, the harmony.