STORY IDEA #298: Mr. London

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#298: Love,
Mr. London.

Taken giant steps forward with my London book ideas. I've been combining several ideas and themes together and I've gotten this so far:

A frustrated IT engineer, Benjamin ‘Snowflake’ Percy is at a crossroads. He wants to leave London and go travelling but he feels he should stay.

As he’s about to book his bus ticket out and home a message dings on his computer. A message from somebody called
Mr. London. It simply says, “Can I help you?”

And Benjamin says okay.

Suddenly his life starts to kick into high gear and the world starts to help him out. It’s as if the city is working for him.

But he does start to notice odd things around him. Odd pagan symbols. Dead animals. And then one night he’s attacked by a group of odd looking gentlemen with long arms and inhuman faces. They call themselves The Din.

They hold him down and slice a pagan looking knife down along his arm, he manages to escape but passes out somewhere in the middle of the street.

When he wakes a man is sat on the end of his hospital
From there it's about Ben trying to escape the city but being drawn further into it, further into its history, and eventually into its soul where he'll come meet the personification of London itself.
bed, and tells him that it’s Mr London. His advice is to leave the city as soon as possible. Soon he won’t let you go. Who? Mr London.