STORY IDEA #297: Kitchen Hell

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#297: Kitchen Hell

Gordan Ramsey (or someone similar) has been tasked with going into the Kitchen of the Gods. It's a restaurant for the absurd and
other-worldy. They serve horrors and delights from around the dimensions to creatures of myth and legend but they've been underperforming and they want an expert in to sort it all out.

When Ramsey arrives he finds shoddy waiting staff, a blithering idiot for a chef, and a restaurant full of creatures from nightmares and apparently, Odin is on his way down for a meal that night.

he inspects the dishes and is appalled to find they're serving babies, virgins, various versions of innocent and it's only when he meets the Head Chef, and Odin himself does he realise that he's not there to 'fix' the menu. He IS the menu.

A real fine-dining experience for Odin and his pantheon.