STORY IDEA #292: Din-dins

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Ideas can be shit, detailed, loose, tight, scenario-based, character-based, or could just be a single line of dialogue which might later unfurl itself into a glorious tendril of butt-tickling wonder-magic … or something.

Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#292: Din-dins.

A policeman is sent into to inspect a murder near a gypsy caravan park. When he gets there he sees a woman, naked, with a bloody mouth. He chases her and shoots her and she goes down. He inspects inside her caravan to see werewolf puppies. A litter of six little creatures growling at him from a little pen.

But the woman isn't dead. Bullets don't kill werewolves. She returns and grabs him, bleeds his neck and throws him into the litter pen.
"Din-dins," she says to her young. "Din-dins."