STORY IDEA #313: Post-Apoc Lovecraftian Nightmare World

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#313: Post-Apoc Lovecraftian Nightmare World

Someone really shit the bed.

A guy named Nyarlathotep has been wandering the world, reading from the Necronomicon and changing the shape of the Earth and its people around him.

80% of the population have turned into tentacled nightmare-beasts, the landscape and the weather have become barren and there are constant storms, and now, as Nyarlathotep's plan finally comes to pass, there is a great portal opening in the sky, through which we see a great eye of one of the Great Ones -- Cthulhu.
An apocalyptic adventure of a small cadre of folks doing their best to survive, and eventually stop Nyarlathotep.