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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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Trollhunter meets Attack On Titan

With one great tectonic shift, they came, from the faults in the Norwegian mountains. They were giant and ghastly, hordes of them.

The smaller ones, fairies and goblins, came for and attacked and ravaged and the giants... the trolls, some as big as skyscrapers came and ate us all up.

We start in a world long after the trolls won. 

We open with a woman with a machete and a backpack and an old man with a rifle. On the horizon behind we see a cityscape, distorted by the sleeping titan-troll. Around their necks, they wear the heads of fairies and smother themselves in troll-stench to hide their scents.

They're on a certain troll's tail because the woman seeks revenge. This certain troll reached into their apartment window, years ago, and plucked their baby from its crib and munched on it like it were a cherry.