STORY IDEA #311: Mobile Internet

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#311: Mobile Internet

The world is coming to an end. You're standing on the roof of your apartment building and a crowd of hostages are saying their prayers, willing you on to complete your task ... only you have can save the world.

On your phone, you have been given a secret weblink which will take you to a single button press. A button that will halt the launch of 2001 nuclear missiles set to land in the most populated spots around the world.

The mad genius behind it all has given this to you as a test.

Will an average human save the world or buckle under the pressure.

So you follow the link, you press the button, and you watch as your loading bar slowly, slowly fills.

"Three," says the mad man. "Two."

The loading bar still fills.


The page goes white.

"Time's up."

You hope to the last moment but all is lost when your phone goes to a connection time-out page.

In the distance, you hear the roaring of missiles already and you look to the corner of your phone.

Zero signal.

"Fucking EE!" you scream. "You really are the WORST mobile internet provider in the world.