STORY IDEA #310: Modern Art

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#310: Modern Art

Body modification is has hit its nadir.

With recent developments in gene-mod technology, we're able to change ourselves from the ground up.

And now it's become not only a fashion statement, but an artistic one to turn yourself into a work-of-art.

So now we go to a famous artist's gallery opening and the folks are being moved from corner to corner to look and critique these works of art / people.

One of these pieces suddenly makes a break for it in his deformed state and the artist shoots him down.

We reveal that these people have signed release forms for the artist to work on them. They're family's get paid well, but if they
reneg on their agreement and try to escape they will be killed and the funds withdrawn.

Stepping over the corpse of the piece, one of the critic's muses that he thinks 'this one looks much better from this angle anyway' as they move on to the next piece.