STORY IDEA #309: The Other Road

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#309: The Other Road.

I went down to the crossroads and I pulled out a
stanley knife and I cut my throat.

And then as I was bleeding out a man appeared with a slide guitar and he sang me a song.

He said he could save me, give me a second chance if I wanted it.

In my panic, I said okay.

And then I found myself the next morning sleeping on the floor and I was alive.

I had a year before the hellhounds barked at my door and I found that same
stanley knife, showing up everywhere, calling to me.

And I killed myself again.

And was met once more by the blues man.

He said if I wanted to I could keep going, year after year, each one ending with my suicide, for as long as I wanted to.

"You'll never find peace, you'll never be happy, and you'll
never not hear those hounds singing my song. You will live, sure, but not real life. A sort of half life, reducing down each year until you barely recognise your own face. OR... you could come with me and rest and be settled and be nothing at all."

I said no, because as much as I want to die, and as much as I want to kill myself I'll always take the other option if it's presented to me.

The idea is that his survival instinct is the curse of the character. He'd rather live miserably than rest.
Reading this back it's super depressing and doesn't really have anything positive to put out there in the world so I won't use it. But I'd love to do something with the Robert Johnson myth.