STORY IDEA #308: Night Bus

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#308: Night Bus.

A woman takes the night bus from Central to East London. She's scared because she's heard some real horror stories about the night bus, but there's no way around it. She asks the bus driver if it will be okay, and the bus driver asks if she holds sin in her heart.

Confused she says she doesn't think so.

The bus driver looks her up and down and says, okay whatever, go on in.

Over the course of the journey the bus slowly fills with odd little people of the night. Drunks, crazies, and then finally an ominous-looking man in all black.

She watches as this odd man, pale skin and everything looks at the other people. She thinks his eyes are too red, his skin too pale.

Suddenly the bus driver pulls into some odd little out of the way dock and stops.

All of them. The crazies, homeless, drunks, etc, start hollering 'what the hell?'

And then suddenly the ominous looking man whips off his coat and reveals he's a vampire.

He goes to work on everyone and eventually the woman.

We then cut the the bus driver outside, smoking a cigarette and waiting for it all to be done.

He waits for the vampire to be done and when he is he steps out and says 'same time, next week?'

And the driver says sure, but the prices are going up.

"Aw what?!"
"Yep," the driver says as he taps a sign on the window that reads 'Bus Fair to rise by 50p in April.'