STORY IDEA #305: The Urge To Dig

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#305: The Urge To Dig

You're on a beach and you have this strange urge to dig a hole.

So you do and you get so far and you have to stop because it's time to go home.

But the urge never falters and you start spending every spare moment digging holes, in your garden, in the park.

Over time you get better at it too.

You decide where better than to dig in your front room.

Nobody sees you for months at a time because you're in your house, digging.

Years later and your long time friend comes to see you. He follows the sound of the digging down into the dark hole. The sound getting louder and louder until he finally comes across the source. It's you but you're different now. The ground has changed you. This is where you belong.

You ask your friend if anybody knows he came and he says yes.

"Good," you say, "when I'm all out of you they'll come."
You take your shovel and you whack your friend. You need food if you're to keep digging, after all.