STORY IDEA #303: Long Exposure

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#303: Exposure

So a man is out camping in the woods and he's there to go up to the hills to take some long exposure shots of the stars in the hills.

Whilst camping he spots some teenagers in the woods killing a cat. He stops them and clears them off but the cat is mangled and he has to put it out of its misery.

Deciding to stay out and not let this ruin his excursion he walks to the hills and sets up his camera and his camp.

He falls asleep and the camera takes lots of long exposure photos in the night.

When he wakes he looks through and sees the photos have been ruined because there are figures in there. It looks like children staring at him but it can't be right because that means they would've been stood there for hours at a time in one place looking at the camera.

For his final
night he's determined he won't fall asleep and sits out in the cold with the camera.

And they don't come. Not at first. It's only a minute before the sun begins to rise as our man is packing up do they arrive. As if from nowhere, these children of the hills appear, wearing old-timey clothes with knives and ropes.

They then do what they did to the cat to him. They sacrifice him to the hills.

Cut to a while later and there’s a display at a photography gallery. They’re displaying images that were found on some lost camera in the hills.


Amazing long exposure that shows the stars over the hills but there’s an imprint of some face peering down, smiling at something, at its sacrifice.