STORY IDEA #300: Photoshop Wizard

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#300: Photoshop Wizard

A 16-year old kid is a damn photoshop wizard, the stuff he can make that program do is off the chain!

James Blidworth is good at photoshop. No, he's fantastic. He loves the control of the world it gives him. But then... he finds out if he concentrates hard enough he can do it in real life too. He can Free Transform people and stretch, flatten, elongate flesh, he can cut selections out of the world, he can copy and paste, clone stamp, remove blemishes.

A power that no 16-year old should have. 

Zits, bullies, annoying teachers, and an abusive father. It'll be fine. They just need a quick touchup in photoshop.