STORY IDEA #290: Bloody Bones

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#290: American Gods fan fiction.

Bear in mind I'm only halfway through.

A story about Bloody Bones.

Bloody Bones, or as he goes by now, Thomas Head, was a myth from
yorkshire and lancashire. The idea being that he ate children who cheated and lied, slept in the cupboard beneath the stairs on a bed of their bones, his face decorated in their blood.

And now he's a landscape developer living in Florida.

He's well dressed and charming but is all green-fingered and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. And he's hungry. He's growing hungry anyway. After being given a contract to completely renovate the gardens and parks of the Spinning Fields holiday community in Kissimmee, he starts to hear lies in his dreams. Children's voices crying out in lies and every morning he wakes and finds himself growing hungrier and hungrier.

More so as he spots the children of the community. Playing soccer in the streets. Running around in their swimming trunks and playing in their pools.

But it's one
child in particular he hungers for.

As he tries to get on with his work without succumbing to his needs a dead body is found in the lakes of the community. They say a
gater did it but Thomas Head knows better. He can smell the lies in the story. The stink that originates from that one kid.

So part murder mystery, part serial killer, and full of English Folklore told in an American holiday town.