STORY IDEA #262: Monty's Jerky

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#262: Monty's Jerky

A lone post-apocalyptic survivor wanders until he finds a detached house in the middle of nowhere. Inside he finds a room full of meat hanging from pieces of string. Starving, he takes
one, and eats it. It's extremely salty and he gags but it's worth it. He needs the protein.

As he wanders through the house he sees that the place was a family home, and he uncovers the story, through diary entries of what happened to them.

The final pages read that the father took it upon himself to kill and cure the meat of animals of the household, and then the gran, then the child, wife.

As our main character reads this he realises he's eating the cured meats of this family. gran, then the child, wife.