STORY IDEA #284: The Din

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Ideas can be shit, detailed, loose, tight, scenario-based, character-based, or could just be a single line of dialogue which might later unfurl itself into a glorious tendril of butt-tickling wonder-magic … or something.

Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#284: The Din

I was reading about the famous noisiness of London and how it's been ever-present since the early days. The bustle of people, animals, the wheels of carriages, and the bells forever chiming, oh, and the famous loudness of the cockneys (one born within the chime of St Mary-le-bow).

It's almost like a spirit that lives within the city itself. Is a big part of it.

I call it The Din.

And I say it IS a god of sorts, one that dwells within the Particular (this vast ocean of foggy underworld I'm building) and one that isn't happy.

Potentially the main villain in my London Particular book I'm planning?

We'll see.