STORY IDEA #277: Baby Brother

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#277: Baby Brother

The Turing test set within the walls of the big brother house.

The idea is that there is a Three-Oh (an artificial intelligence level 3.0) within the 12 contestants living inside a Big Brother-style house.

The idea is that the people watching the show are supposed to vote each and every week who acted the most human.

Each week people are voted out and are put through a horrible Salem witch trial style execution. They are heated to the point at which skin burns away.

If it's a human, the game continues until there is only one left -- the Three-Oh and the imitation game will be won. The world will have developed true artificial intelligence.

If the robot is uncovered before the final week, the test is counted as a failure, and the remaining human contestants are allowed to live on with a once-in-a-lifetime prize trip.

Jesus, that's a giant idea.
Pretty cool too, because you'd have these humans who are trying to act as human as possible but that might come across as insincere and robotic. You have the audience watching along who are trying to work out what's happening inside, and then you have this whole class thing where the contestants are working bees from the sub levels who have voluntarily entered for either a horrific
death, or a chance for a better life.