STORY IDEA #234: Stately Home

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#234: Stately Home

A cross between The Raid and The Thing. Maybe a bit of John Wick in there too.

A PA setting.

A wealthy man is surviving with his family in this giant stately home. They're attacked one night and the wife is shot dead, the daughter taken prisoner, and the baby taken.

He's taken out the front to be hung and burned but escapes, beaten and broken, hands tied behind his back, by running off the field and into the tunnels that surround the outskirts of the land that only he knows from living in the house.

He makes it far and finds himself living and being tended to by some small family of survivors living out in the woods in tents.
Once he's better he decides to go back, to kill all of them, and to rescue his daughter and baby.