STORY IDEA #255: Sticky Floors

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#255: Sticky floors.

So I have this image in my head of a woman moving into a new apartment. Wood floors. Very nice.

But each time she goes to sleep and turns out the lights the floors become sticky and she can't work out why.

She cleans the floors over and over but the floors are still sticky. Only at night. Only with the lights off.

But as she sleeps, her dreams tell her a little more of the story. The story of her death. We end with the murderer coming into the apartment, rolling her from the bed and stabbing her several times before leaving.

By morning her blood is pooled and dried to a sticky surface around her body and when the police are walking around her, the last sounds she hears before she fully loses herself is the tackiness of her blood against the policemen's boots.