STORY IDEA #248: One Year

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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#248: One Year

A man makes a deal with the devil. He has one year to do everything in his power to make the life of his dreams. He has one year to 'earn' it

If the devil thinks he's really done everything in his power, then he will grant him his perfect life. If he doesn't believe he's done everything in his power, he will claim his soul, and he will live the lowest existence for hundreds of years.

So then we have the man doing everything, literally everything to 'earn' his dream-life and really has no idea how far he should take it.

Is the devil expecting him to sleep or to force himself to stay awake at all times to work towards his goals? Is the devil expecting the man to kill? How far is he supposed to go?
If he even makes it past the first week, he's going to lose his mind, which is essentially what the devil wanted.