STORY IDEA #198: The Serial Killers' Retreat


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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#198: The Serial Killer's Retreat

There's a 6-part video course, a podcast, webinar, for serial killers. Led by the infamous master of murder, Jon Death.

Thousands of killers and wannabes have signed up to go to his murderer's retreat in the Cayman Islands. There will be knowledge swaps, networking, lessons, etc.

For our protagonist, it's a dream come true. Go and see what it's all about, learn from the pro's.

But on the second day, it turns out to be one big play of Jon Death. He's turned this entire convention centre into his own personal murder house. He wants to be the single greatest murderer on the planet and he's going to prove that by killing 2000 killers in 24 hours.
Can our protagonist learn to get over his fear of killing and make his escape? Can he overcome the genius
murder skills of the master of them all ... Mr Jon Death?