STORY IDEA #185: Warrior-Dudes



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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#185: Warrior-Dudes

There are two brothers. One is a fantasy novel-reader, gamer, etc. The other is a bully.

Geeky brother brings home some strange artefact he bought off Ebay. It's apparently some magic crystal from a land called Morwen.

Bully brother takes it, says its a piece of shit and throws it against the bedroom wall. It shatters into a thousand pieces but creates a portal in their wall.

The brothers step inside and within a minute they're rounded up in nets by masked horsemen and taken to a brutal battleground with some Roman-looking army slaughtering some elven townfolk.

They look human enough but the price for using elf magic is punishable by death. They're to be beheaded at first light.
And that's where the story begins.