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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#184: Dr LOL.

I'm still digging the idea of emoticon face.


Let's switch it up.


A story about a man who is living a life of complete loneliness. Everything is as normal. The world is as it should be ... but there are NO people.


Every day our guy goes to pick up a food drop from some office and every day it's there and we don't know why.


And then he starts to see a human with a distorted face. It's features morphed into its basest of emotions. Smiley emoticon. Sad emoticon. Etc.


Our guy does his best to communicate with the thing. He wants to ask where everyone is and why he's alone.


Dr LOL takes us through a journey of discovery as we travel around the town and have various flashbacks to our guy's older life.


We eventually uncover that he was a pest in the world and has been blocked. His inbuilt AR chip had stopped him from seeing or experiencing anyone else and vice versa (See Black Mirror Chrimbo Special), and now Dr LOL was there to see how far he'd come in his recovery.

Has he grown? Is he able to come back to society? It's all down to what Dr LOL decides.