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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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Near-Future. Everyone has wetware connecting their brains directly to the internet.

One man wakes up one day to find he's talking to a shadowy little being called Happy with a smiley emoticon face. Happy keeps saying he's there to help. And then starts to give the man little tasks that will aid in building happiness, confidence, etc.

But then the tasks start to get a little strange, a little more violent -- shove a homeless guy, kick a cat, etc.

And eventually goes too far.     

The man decides to delete Happy but Happy won't go. He's not delete-able. We find out that he's Malware. He got in through some bogus advertisement the man downloaded. We find out that his credits are at £0 too. He's been had! The man decides to go see an IT Support man about removing Happy from his head.

Happy isn't too happy with all this and starts to torture the man, making him do things, see things, that he doesn't want to.

Eventually Happy tricks him into murdering someone, gets him lined up for prison and is standing there watching in the room as he's shipped off to the moon prison / executed in some futuristic way.