STORY IDEA #182: The Others goes Global.



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Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#182: The Others goes Global

One morning the planet stops its rotation. There's suddenly a dark side and a light side of the earth, but nothing dies. The plant-life doesn't die without the sunlight. Old people on hospital beds don’t die (but are still in pain).

Scientists are stumped. They have no idea.

We have a big mystery.

What's happened? How are they even positioned in space if they've stopped spinning? Has movement in spaces stopped altogether?

Well ... the twist in the end, is that there was a world-ending event. It happened so quickly they would never have noticed it. 

The entire planet is one big ghost, including all the people who live on it. 

So now we live on in this new motionless world, trying to survive, trying not to die ... again.