STORY IDEA #181: Fairytaleworld


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Ideas can be shit, detailed, loose, tight, scenario-based, character-based, or could just be a single line of dialogue which might later unfurl itself into a glorious tendril of butt-tickling wonder-magic … or something.

Stole this concept from @ryanklindsay.

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#181: Fairytaleworld - Westworld Fanfic.

A young girl in red is walking through the woods. It's late. A wolf cries out. And she's mauled. 
Once she's dead on the ground the wolf stands up and turns to some unseen friend.

"How'd I do?"

We cut back to see a group of friends standing amongst the trees, laughing and smiling.

"Nice work. Very quick. You could've let her get home, though. You messed up the story."

"Well I'm not planning on dressing as her grandma."

The wolf now is just a man. A trick of the brain. He was never a wolf. 

"Want to go again?" one of them asks just before an axe lodges in his head and drops to the floor. 

A giant lumberjack pulls the axe from the dead friend and then goes for the others. 

It's basically a horror film where the newly sentient Hosts (in the guise of fairy tale characters) are coming to life and murdering the guests. So ... Westworld meets Brothers Grimm.