I like podcasts. A lot. Here's a few I'm involved with:





Over the last few years I've been tinkering around, making odd little short films that have gone on to play at festivals all over the world including the London Short Film Festival, the Reading and Leeds Music Festivals, and even the festivals I have in my own bedroom. They run daily and include a Q&A session with myself and my cat, Oscar. 

Here's some press clippings:

"The fact that Luke has managed to create such a compelling piece of cinema from his bedroom in his pants is astonishing," Luke Kondor.
"Luke Kondor is a Tour De Force, but I'm not really sure what that means," Luke Kondor.
"This is a film ... " Luke Kondor.
"I think Kubrick should be shaking in his boots right now. What? Kubrick's dead?" Luke Kondor.