MØ12: Handling Your Thing



And how are you this fair morn?

It's 05:49 here in Manchester (as I write this) and I've taken the pup for a walk, written down some words, published a new episode of TOS, and am literally now writing this that you're reading.

Off to a good start, I reckon.

1. Handling Your Thing

We got the print copies of El Marvo #1 through. The courier dropped them off without a wink or a biscuit, having no clue he was about to make my damn week.

We've been working on El Marvo since... I believe the Ben proposed the character around Jan 2016. So a long time, and after much writing, much Kickstartering, we've finally got them, in our hands and wow it's pretty magical.

Digital copies are now available from the H&C store. Physical copies will be available after the KS backers' copies have been shipped.

2. I finished Stephen King's It

Took me a month to finish It, but… well I mean it's a masterpiece. Seriously. 
When I went into the book I thought it was going to be a story of four or more loser kids who come together to fight an evil demon vampire clown who's terrorising the town of Derry.

Well, yes, it was about that but I had no idea just how much myth and scale and history was in the story. We've got a story that spans 100+ years (not including the smoke vision), demons from outer space, interdimensional entities that sick up universes, and some of the best, no kidding the BEST characters I've ever read.

The Losers Club is what makes this book what it is. Sure, Pennywise, Derry, the horror, all work together to make for a tasty book, but the Losers and their friendship really take it to the next level. I think that bonding might have something to do with the 1300 pages we've spent with them but still, we've bonded!

Standout moments and pieces for me:

The classic opening scene with Georgie.
Richie Tozier not shutting up even when he's about to get straight-up murdered.
Ben Hanscom's love for Bev.
The apocalyptic rock fight and Mike getting his own back for his dog.
the interludes that travel through time to tell different stories of Pennywise throughout the decades.

Full on 5-star book.

Man, that Stephen King. He's not half bad, is he?

3. Battleplans 

This past week I managed to get all my chores done like a good little boy. I wrote my 22-page script for the Top Cow Talent Hunt, I helped launch a book, and I even went for a run.

But this week it's really on. I'm shaking just thinking about how much I've got to do.

I'm starting the first draft of the third Rotverse book today and aim to have 50k words written by the end of July so I want to start the month with a nice breezy 10k. On top of that, I'd like to get El Marvo shipped out, get the podcasts recorded (got an interview with the amazing Chris Fox on Wednesday), and get the cover design underway for mine and Dan's first none-Rot story, Lazarus.

I won't tell you too much about it just yet, but here's some feedback from one of our super early beta-readers:

...also I have finished the first reading of Lazarus. I have to say it really bowled me over I'm still digesting it and will give proper feedback eventually when I re-read but I have to say I think it's the best thing I've read in long time and that I've read a few recently that have tried to write along similar themes but were unconvincing at best and just cliche at their worst. Lazarus was neither, it was convincing and terrifying but felt familiar as well.

So fingers crossed you guys like it too.

👾*  **

Oh, yeah, just a quick one. I've seen a few people post this on their own newsletters and I think it bears repeating here:

…Montaigne, who writes in his essay ‘Of Practice’:
What I write here is not my teaching, but my study; it is not a lesson for others, but for me. And yet it should not be held against me if I publish what I write. What is useful to me may also by accident be useful to another. Moreover, I am not spoiling anything, I am only using what is mine. And if I play the fool, it is at my expense and without harm to anyone. For it is a folly that will die with me, and will have no consequences.

It's the answer to the question of why?

Why write this newsletter?

Why publish something that isn't a well thought out Listicle?

Why don't you keep all your nonsense inside your own head and not in my inbox, eh?


Well, because this is how I learn best and I want to get myself all learnt, dun I? 

Reading - Postal

Watching - Twin Peaks S3EP8 (Holy shit!)

Listening - Kendrick Lamar's DAMN

So then, that's it. Until next time,

Luke & Family

*Watch out for deadly aliens. 

**Deadly aliens are deadly.



MØ9: Weights or Foundations & El Marvo is Finished!



Hey there, easy now, where yer from?

It’s Monday again and I think someone pressed that 30-sec skip button (podcast reference) a few too many times and now we find ourselves in June… as in the middle of the year! The speed of this ride is going way too fast for my liking and I don't like it one bit.

Scream if you want to go faster,” the operator’s voice booms and I really don’t mean to, but I just can’t stop screaming.

In other news:

I had an idea for the name of an autobiography.

Mansfield Bitter.

It works in a number of ways which I won’t go into right now but let’s just say it’s a beer, a state of mind, and a place in which I am from.

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 17.14.34.png


Well, the interiors are.

Dan (Vanguard) Butcher has just finished all of the pencils, inks, colours, lettering, (everything!), for issue #1 of our post-apocalyptic luchador story, El Marvo.

It’s difficult not to read through your first illustrated story and grin from ear to ear like a drunken buffoon eating his favourite flavour of crisps but I just can't stop myself.

Just so damn tasty.

So now we, sorry, I mean Ben will put all the art together in one nice little package to be sent off to the printers. 

And then, hey presto, we have a comic. 

Oh yeah, and for you people asking, “What now?”

Wel,l I guess it’s time to work on the next book, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned throughout my time as a pencil-jerk is that there is always another book.

My top-ten favourite films.

A friend and fantastic director, Mustapha Kseibeti, is asking people to post a handwritten note of their top ten favourite films. Of course, it’s incredibly difficult and I’m already realising I missed out Life Aquatic. Here’s what I was feeling at the time:

... -_- ...


My Girls

& other family stuff.

I could stare at this picture all day. Just look how happy they both are — my fiancée and my pooch — my girls. 

We recently lost someone very dear to us and it’s got me thinking about just how fucking great my life is right now. I love my little house even with its leaks and its ants. I love my fiancée even with her habit of kneeing me in the forehead. I love our animals even if they don’t really see eye-to-eye. I love my city even though there’s a slight chance something terrible might happen at any moment. I love my writing and our projects even though it’s a helluva lot of work and I sometimes think, ‘wouldn’t it be nice to lie in in the mornings?’.

As quickly as 2017 has flown by, I feel like I’m on the right track with things. 

I reckon the biggest lever that triggered whatever forward momentum I'm experiencing now was realising that all this stuff, this life stuff, is all a foundation to build-upon, rather than a weight to pull you down.


That's it from me for this week. 

The battle plan is to crack on with my final edit of They Remain, get El Marvo off to the printers, and to finish off some Mailing List and website bits and pieces. 

Take care,

Luke & Family.

READING - It by Stephen King

WATCHING - Twin Peaks

LISTENING: Faster Than Light OST

DRINKING - Earl Grey Tea