MØ43: The Internet of Keith & The Whole Micro-Budget Film Thing


Morning Øutput #43

When you and your dog gotta drink that coffee and get to work.


The end is in sight!

I’m currently hovering around page 75 of the new KEITH screenplay and it feels good to be so close. This would bring me to Draft 1.0. A much cleaner, stronger draft than that zero draft I rushed out in a week (almost two years ago!). Of course, this isn’t really the end. The screenplay is only the beginning. It’s just the blueprint. I have to make the film next. 

Death, after all, is only the beginning.

My friend, Matt Clarke, and I have been jumping on the phone a lot (our phones are insured for jump damage) and chatting about micro-budget filmmaking. Matt’s going to be travelling down a similar path to me real soon so we’ve been talking about how it’s more possible than ever to make micro-budget feature films. I don't understand why there aren't more people doing it.

El Mariachi was made with $7000 but most of that money went to the film stock, developing, etc. Steven Soderbergh has just released the trailer for his new film UnSane. He shot that thing with an iPhone! 

It's so easy now to make a film...


But even with these film studios in our pockets, it doesn’t account for the time, the storytelling, the editing, the working with actors, the selling people on your idea, the getting-people-to-watch-the damn-thing thing. Perhaps it’s easy enough to make a film, but it’s just as difficult to make a fucking great film.

Which is what it’s all about for me. All of us have our pencils and papers now. But we still gotta take the time to learn how to draw.


Speaking of drawing.

I’m no artist. Believe me. But a friend of mine challenged me to make a comic. Nothing spectacular. Just something small. Something I can piece together and print out. Maybe give away at a con. So I spent a couple of hours this week doing just that. 

I came up with this:


Like I said, I can’t draw, but it’s a great little experiment and something I’d like to do every now and again for fun. 


The Work I Done This Week

I got the final edits back for Take The Corvus. My editor also sent along a note that read: "I'd certainly think about producing some more essays on the subject of writing and putting together a short book of those. Lots of demand for advice and encouragement from self-doubting self-publishing authors out there! You're very inspiring and your upbeat style is a delight.”

Well, we’ll see about that. One for 2019 maybe.

Next step is to compile this bad boy and start sending it out to beta readers and patrons. I’ve also asked a friend/hero/comrade to write a foreword for me. He’s recently launched something that’s having some crazy success so we’ll just have to wait and see if he has time to put something together.

But the majority of this week has been spent working on the screenplay. I had a moment of ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ so I spent a little while going over my outline, getting back into the story, getting back into the emotional beats, and now I know where I am.


One Second Every Day JANUARY

A good friend, FC Shultz (check out his stuff, sign up to his newsletter!) recommended I try an app that records and compiles one second of video every day. I did. Here is my January.



Do you like my stuff? Then consider heading over to Patreon.com/Lukeofkondor and help me make my micro-budget film, KEITH. I will love you for it. KEITH will too.




Maniac Cop: It does what it says on the tin. It's a cop who's a maniac. Fun little slasher with Bruce Campbell.

Fright Night: The original. I sat down to watch this with Cat, half expecting her to groan all the way through. Well, she watched it all, said she loved it. I'll have to dig out number 2. A pretty solid example of great 80's horror. Campy, synthy, with great gore effects.

The Raid: Hey they ripped off Dredd! I'm joking of course. Both these films came out a similar time and they both deserve love. Korean martial arts brutal craziness.

Super Dark Times: This was an absolute treat. Dark, moody, set in the 90's. Kids go into the woods to play with a samurai sword. Things go wrong. I don't want to say anymore but go watch it. It's out on Netflix now and nobody's talking about it.

The Good Place Season 2: A great end to another great season. Full of heart and super sharp wit. Some of the best TV I've seen in a long while.


We3: My second reading. Sparse. Beautiful. Moving. Perfect.

Rebel Without A Crew:  I think this is maybe the fourth time I've read this book. The first time I read it I went out and made a short film two weeks later. It's still arguably the most successful thing I've ever done. Now I'm re-reading it, getting all inspired again, ready to go in and make a new film. 

This book inspires like no other. Go read it. Then go make some cool stuff.




Wow, this one came out a little longer than I intended.

I'm gonna go nail this script! What are you gonna do this week?

Until next time,

Luke & Family