MØ45: A bloody party


Morning Øutput #45


Wow, what a weekend. My fiancée planned a surprise party for my 30th. I wasn’t supposed to know about it, but did, so I printed off a surprised face in preparation. 

I don’t know how much I drank that night and I don’t even remember going to bed. But there was definitely a lot of alcohol consumed. I also half-remember drunkenly trying to slice limes with one of our sharpest meat carving knives and failing pretty spectacularly. I woke up with my fingers covered in tiny cuts. And I must’ve been using my phone whilst bleeding because the thing was covered in dried blood, especially around the home button. I wonder how much got inside? I’m half-expecting Frank Cotton from Hellraiser to start growing out of my phone, demanding me to kill people for him. 

“Hi Apple, I need to get my phone replaced. Yeah, there’s a skinless guy from Liverpool growing inside. What do you mean that's not covered under the warranty!?”

All in all, it was a good weekend, minus the ritual bloodletting. Now back to the work at hand.



I finished my short story for The Other Stories this week. A story about a contortionist called, The Amazing Kieslowski. I think it turned out pretty good in the end. Not my best but… pretty good. Sometimes you just gotta try something a little different. Short stories are perfect for a little experimentation.

The big win for the week was finishing my draft of KEITH. I decided to get it done before the week ended and ploughed on through a mammoth editing session on Friday. Once done, I printed it all out, just so I could hold it. 105 pages of pure Keith.

Already I know some bits I want to cut out, but I have a good enough working document to send to some people who are going to be working on the film with me. It feels good to get such a big part of the filmmaking process done and out the way.




Big Trouble in Little China: There's a point in this, maybe ten minutes in, when the lightning dudes show up, where you have to say... "I don't know what the hell is going on!? ... and that's okay."

The Ritual: This got a limited theatrical run in the UK but they tried to market it as another Brit Horror Comedy like Shaun of the Dead or Attack the Block. The trailer made it look bad. Real bad. But the film ISN'T that. It's a really solid, well executed, folk horror film. 

Deep Blue Sea: We watched this last night in prep for Horror Hangout and I think I'm still processing.


Right, bit of a short one this week but I feel like I need to go grab a bottle of Lucozade and replenish my electrolytes. 

Until next time,

Luke & Family