MØ41: When you just can't...

…you point to people who can.

I woke up this morning and sighed. A cartoonish whimper that made me think that something’s not right. I can’t tell you exactly what it is but I just know that something needs to change. Or maybe it’s just the dodgy tuna I ate the other day?

Who knows...

The point is, even writing this is difficult today. It feels like my brain has turned to treacle and its dribbling out onto the keyboard. So to avoid disappointment in the future, I recommend you subscribe to these newsletters:



I finished my first draft of They Ruin, wrote a short story called Mr Skin (my take on Rumpelstiltskin), and played around with Twine. 

Twine is this nifty little interactive fiction game engine. Very much recommend checking out the Uncle Who Works For Nintendo as a great example of the kind of thing you can make with it.

I published a new essay for my Patreon all about the perfect writer’s morning routine.




The Quatermass Xperiment: The first big horror hit from Hammer and the film that started it all for them. It still holds up pretty well, I reckon. There are a few genuinely creepy moments. Definitely going to keep on with my Hammer horror exploration.

The Wicker Man: One for the Horror Hangout. Also one of my favourite films growing up. I mean, I only saw it the one time, but it’s really stayed with me. Watching it now I can’t see how they thought they could get away with a remake. The film’s soul resides in the hedonism of the 70s and the fears that come from that. The music, the sex, the naked dancing, oh the naked dancing. 

Thor: Ragnarok: A great big technicolour ball of fun. Super funny, super charming, and a soundtrack and visual aesthetic that really takes it out of this world. 



That’s all I got in me today. I’m going to plough on and try to squeeze out some actual writing but… I dunno guys. I just dunno right now.

I wish I could be a great example of mental grittiness and stoicism but sometimes I just get down and I can’t stop the ball from rolling that way.

All I can do is brace for the nadir.

Speak soon,

Luke & family.