Last week I talked about how I was starting to feel a bit of overwhelm. It's that kind of rising panic that makes you think you fucked up, are a fuckup, always be a fuckup.

I needed some wins.

So I slowed down production. I gave myself some achievable goals for the week. Write 5000 words. Lay down 3-minutes of Keith on the project timeline. Run three times.

Simple stuff.

But man does it work!

Checking off a few tickboxes does wonders for the soul.


I ended up writing 2x short stories (Sitcom and Mr Lundin) and I'm already deep into the next one (currently titled Captain Lobster). Not only that but I'm feeling the thrill of writing again.

I love writing short stories. I love that I can see something, hear something, make an odd little connection, and then plant myself down and write for a couple of hours, come out the other side with a finished thing.

Sometimes a short story will just be a prototype for something I want to put into a novel. Sometimes it will be a failed experiment (picture jars of pickled fetuses with bulbous heads and hooved feet). And sometimes they'll stand on their own and will be their own thing.

I'm fairly sure I'll be writing short stories until the day I die.



Like I've told everyone, Keith is a very strange film. Not just in the story but in the process of making it.

So one of the biggest challenges I have is the technology.

For example -- Let's say I want to show somebody getting a Skype call from someone else, but I want them to refuse the call and for them to receive a video message. Sounds simple, but how do I capture that, make it realistic, dynamic? What accounts do I need? What software will capture it? What sounds will it make? Will I need more than one, two, three people to perform the call?

And on top of that, I need to figure this stuff out before I get actors and money involved.

One of the ways I'm doing it is by filming it all with myself first. I'm essentially creating a demo of the film with all the characters played by me... all in my kitchen. 

I'll use the demo to figure out how things will look, how they'll work, and then once I've got all of that stuff figured out, I'll bring in the actors, set the locations, and get them to do it but with, y'know, acting talent.

I got 3-minutes of demo-work down this week I'm actually really excited. There's definitely a mountain of work ahead but at least I know which mountain I'm climbing. Right now I'm at the foot of the mountain and I can see the snowy peak, up there in the clouds.


I've levelled up. I definitely think so anyway. I've been running three times a week for the last couple of months, pushing myself to go a little faster, a little further. I think back to that first run down by the London Docklands. I ran a mile from our apartment to the Excel Centre and back and nearly died of an asthma attack. I remember my lower back feeling like peanut brittle, every movement cracking and snapping into powder.

I need to start setting some bigger goals. 

Half-Marathon next year?

Sounds kinda terrifying.


  • Our little puppy is growing up! 
  • I put up one of my favourites of my short stories up on the site - @boyonawall. I've been seeing this as a film in my head for years now. I'd love to get an animation made of it. 
  • Are you on Letterboxd? I just signed up.
  • I've also been putting a lot of them story things up on Instagram. Are you on it?




Rage by Richard Backman/Stephen King -  

The first novel King ever wrote (I think?). As a writer, it was kind of nice to see he wasn't some writing Godbeast from the outset. It was like seeing Xerxes bleed. At least I thought so. It all starts a little juvenile, but then it just gets better and better and by the end I was gobsmacked. 

This King guy, I thought, he's gonna go far!

Griff Gristle: Here be Monsters by Rob Jones, Mike Sambrook, Rory Donald (Madius Comics) - I backed the campaign for the second book in the series recently and just got them both through. 

Let me just say, I really kinda love Madius Comics. I love the irreverent punky attitude. I love that you can almost smell the love that went into producing the books seeping out of the ink. And after reading Griff Gristle, I also f*cking love their storytelling. A solid nautical ghost story with an iconic lead character. The John Constantine of the Sea. I'd totally recommend checking them out.


Body Bags - Still in John Carpenter mode. This was a TV Anthology movie from the early 90s and it's a lot of fun. I kinda love the wraparound more than the stories themselves. I think it's the only time I've seen JC smile.

Twin Peaks Season 3 - I finished it. I'm still processing it. Might be chewing on it for a good while. What did you think?

Right then...

Mountains don't climb themselves, dudes.

Until next time,

Luke & Family.