MØ17: Donkey & Dog Biscuits



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Good morning.

I’ve been a little bit of a donkey this week. Let me explain.

I didn’t get nearly enough actual work done. Like words on the page sort-of-thing. I’ve been getting so excited by various prospects that I’ve been doing bits of everything but nothing in particular. 

I’ve been donkeying. You know the donkey?

The donkey is equidistant from the water and the food. And damn is he hungry and thirsty. So he looks at the water, then looks back to the food, and he keeps doing this until days go by and the poor guy lies down and dies of thirst and starvation and probably a little bit of exposure too.

I’ve been a donkey. 

I need to pick something and do it. There’s usually time to do the other thing afterwards anyway.


On Tuesday I got the 6-hour bus ride down to the big smoke. I caught up with some friends, drank Japanese tea, caught Stand By Me on the big screen, and then went to Rich Flix Film Club in Shoreditch. 

It was kinda great. Lots of great filmmakers there. Got to screen Keith and do a whole Q&A and everything. Also free cocktails and pizza.

I always get nervous when I have to introduce a film or do any kind of public speaking but it always works out fine (mostly).

My palms sweat, my stomach churns, and sometimes my hands shake, and I put it down to nerves, whereas I think it’s actually my body preparing for battle. At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

Dan put together this epic book giveaway over at the H&C site. 12 books... free! 




Fargo S2 - Finally finished it. Top notch TV.

Twin Peaks S3E9 - Catching up and still loving it. This could be turning into my favourite David Lynch piece. 

Stand By Me - First time. I saw it on the big screen too. So, so great. I don't think anyone captures that youth and young manhood like King.

Unfriended - As someone who is in an incredibly unique place to appreciate this film, I think the critics are being way too harsh. The way this film has been edited to look like one continuous online session takes some real brainpower.

Baby Driver - Edgar Wright's films are a must-see-at-theatre for me. I don't understand the manic pixie dream girl argument. It's a fantasy of a young male. All the characters are stereotypes, no, I mean avatars of stereotypes. What do you think Kevin Spacey's character is? I think the argument shouldn't be that we need less manic pixie dream girl characters, but more films told from the young female perspective.

Night Of The Living Dead - Next up for a Horror Hangout discussion. I love the ending to this film. 


Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - Slow progress for me.

The Great & Secret Show by Clive Barker - Slow progress for me.


My new HØRRØR Playlist on Spotify. 

Jamie Lenman's new track!

Right then...

I'm off to set some solid non-donkey goals for the week.

Until next time,

Luke & Family.