MØ19: 'ah Keith in Liverpool




How's it going?


I'm feeling a little rough after a Saturday night spent at my friends in Liverpool playing Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, drinking Brewdog ales, and pretending that I don't get hangovers that ruin my mind and soul for days afterwards.

But onwards anyway. Too many stories to write to worry about muzzy heads and gut-rot.


... is underway. 

I've spent some time sketching out ideas for the film, trying to work out just what a feature film told in this medium would look like.

You might think a whole 90-minutes told on a screen would be limiting but I gotta say, I kinda love limitations. It's in the limitations that you get to flex your creativity, experiment a little, fail some.

Moving forward, I made a Patreon post detailing the proposed timeline of the project but here's what I'm hoping to get done in the first quarter.

What I want to have in 90 days:

A shooting draft of the screenplay - nice and polished and ready to go.

The first 10-minutes of the film - finished and ready to put online.

All main parts cast. 

Some promo images.

A lottery win - one can hope.

If you fancy supporting the project, why not become a Patron?


  • This week's episode of TOS is one of mine -- Cat Litter & A Few Drops Of Blood. Brought to life by the amazing Ian McEuen. Definitely not inspired by my own need to have a clean house.
  • We interviewed Joanna Penn of TheCreativePenn.com over on The Story Studio podcast about building a publishing empire.
  • Joe Rogan podcast hit episode 1000... that's crazy!? I wonder if we'll reach 1000 with one of our shows.
  • I'm writing the new Keith screenplay on Highland. Screenwriting software that uses simple markdown syntax. Nice.



The Texas Chainsaw Massacre - One for the Horror Hangout. 'tis okay. It doesn't have the same hold on me like it seems to have on other horror fans.

Game Of Thrones S7 - This show has some serious bite. Episode 6 managed to break my heart a little bit. 


Piano is Evil by Amanda Palmer - I think Amanda's best when she's singing her heart out behind a piano.

The Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 Soundtrack - Pretty much the soundtrack of my 13th year on the planet. 

The KEITH inspiration playlist.


The Great & Secret Show by Clive Barker - This book is a weird one. I never quite knew what I was reading until a couple of hundred pages in. More fantasy than horror but still with the odd bit of Barker gore thrown in there. Also, the epic ending and the moments in Quiddity are kind of amazing.

Okay guys, have a great week. I need a paracetemol and a glass of water.

Until next time,

Luke & Family.