MØ16: Londonbound



Good morning!

Not got much øutput this week. I’m currently heading down to London for a screening of Keith. They’ll be an introduction by me, Q&A, and they’ll also be screening Stephen King’s Stand By Me.

It should be fun but I totally get the butterflies when I have to get up and do a bit of public speaking.

How do you get over that? I’m nearly thirty and I still get squirmy at the idea of standing up and talking about my own work.

So if you’re in London, come say hey, give me a pep-talk.

I’ll also be staying overnight, catching up with some friends, and will try to take a photo or two.


I mentioned a while back that I’ve been getting itchy fingers for film. It’s been 18 months since I made something and I’ve got a burning desire to do something new. I think it might’ve been this John Carpenter interview I watched recently (I’ll link at the bottom), but it’s got me super fired up.

We’re looking at our bank of stories used in our The Other Stories podcasts as starting points and are already talking to several directors and producers about what our options are.

On top of that I’ve been talking to Ben about using the techniques I used to make Keith (no budget, phone cameras, screen capture, etc), to make something, because sometimes you just gotta get your fingers dirty.

More Duties

More personal philosophies that might be just a little too cryptic for you guys.

Plant your magick in your briefcase

Don't ride that swipe-to-refresh feature

Do your work and be proud of it — whatever happens outside of that isn't your business



I watched a LOT of films this week. You can tell I’ve got filmmaking on the brain.


The Belko Experiment - Good but missed a little something for me.

Show Pieces - Alan Moore's recent Northampton nightmare. 

Creepshow - How fun to see Mr King and son acting. "Where's my cake!?"

The Guest - Tonally a little weird but I kinda liked it.

Twin Peaks S3E9 - Catching up. Feels like there's an actual story coming together now.


Clive Barker's The Next Testament - A pretty great comic book run with an iconic villain called Wick.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - Slow progress for me.

The Great & Secret Show by Clive Barker - Slow progress for me.


My new HØRRØR Playlist on Spotify. 

Also a lot of the Shock Waves podcast. The episode with Mike Flanagan was great.

Right then...

I'm about half an hour into my five-hour bus ride. Wish me luck for tonight!


Until next time,

Luke & Family.

P.S. I almost forgot. Here's that John Carpenter interview -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vSZyIr6fk4