MØ15: Duties, Meditations, & Other Bits

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MORNING... -_-

The Duties Of A Kondor

I’ve been reading Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations. If you’re not familiar they’re basically his personal diaries. They’re the bits and pieces of advice he gave himself in single paragraphs. 

Snippets of Stoicism.

From what I can tell, Marcus was constantly reminding himself what it means to be a good man, human, something, and he’s always realigning himself with what he believes he needs to do to live a life for the gods and to his nature.

So it got me thinking about the things that I need to do realign myself to be a happy, functional, a person of creativity and ambition. Here are the duties I got. Some may be relevant to you. Some not.

Leave smiles where possible

In the morning - Take dog for a walk, eat breakfast, drink coffee.

Experiment with creativity. Always

Read and write

Say I love you


Speak to family once a week


Be grateful



Fight resistance tooth and nail both artistic and otherwise

Embrace the currents, man, embrace the currents

See through the pomp -- of which most of it is

Be useful


Eat, rest, reconnect

Write short stories. They are your sketchbook, your colour palate, your experiments.

You verb therefore you noun. You want to be something, then do something.

Stretch your comfort zone like you would an elastic band. Don't snap it!

Work to projects — ones that need to be chipped away and others that need a concentrated thrashing (7-Day Challenges, NaNoWriMo, etc)

Build a cabinet of curiosities … but with your curiosities

ABC - Always Be Creating

Don’t get precious; don’t smother

Get out of your own way


Social Media Diet A Success! 

For the most part. I snuck on Twitter here and there but I never lingered. And it’s the lingering that’s the problem. I do kinda miss Instagram, though.

I’m going to keep on the diet a little longer. I’ve reinstalled the apps on my phone and if I find myself getting sucked into those little black holes, I’ll abort the whole thing, re-delete, re-delete!


Of the few times that I did go on Twitter, I saw this corker from Philip Pullman. Inspiration is for arseholes who put too much ego into what they do. Be humble. Take the you out of it. Build some habits and remember… a body in motion tends to stay in motion. So fingers on keyboards tend to stay on keyboards.

S'all I got!

Some merch we're producing over at H&C. Some inspiring merch for writers. This here is a mockup of a notebook. Would you like one?

Some merch we're producing over at H&C. Some inspiring merch for writers. This here is a mockup of a notebook. Would you like one?



It Follows

I'll be talking about this on our next Horror Hangout recording but it's pretty damn great. I have some niggles of criticism, but it's one of the best horrors in recent memory. Also, a Disasterpeace soundtrack is always going to be a win for me.


Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

About halfway through. Stoicism feels like the philosophy I've been working to most of my life without realising it.

The Great & Secret Show by Clive Barker

The weirdest Barker I've read and one of the best too. About halfway through.


It Follows OST by Disasterpeace

And pretty much Rich's entire back catalogue. I honestly think in the years ahead, this guy will be looked upon in the same way we look at Morricone. Too much?

Lost Themes II by John Carpenter

What's not to love about John Carpenter? Some great writing tunes on here.

That's all I got for this week. I'm still deep into They Ruin, perhaps the most violent and gruesome book I've ever written. Also check out the latest episode of The Other Stories. The only story I've ever considered NOT releasing because I felt I might be pushing it a little too far.


Until next time,

Luke & Family.