MØ5: Monday Battleplans



It’s Monday!

And in today’s day and age that means planning for the week, pretending that maybe, just maybe, this is the week you’re going to finally figure out how to balance all those projects with life, food, sleep, and other general life tasks.



As if such a concept were real.

Here’s what I’m up to this week -

MISSION ALASKA: A weekend long sojourn to Kent to pick up the latest member of the Kondor tribe.

10K TRAINING: Not long now. My first 10k awaits. The weird thing is… I’ve really been fucking enjoying my running recently. Sure it’s hard. Sure it’s killing my legs and I’ve picked up a couple of blisters along the way, but this whole exercise thing… it ain’t too bad.

PROJECT LAZARUS: Some finishing touches for another of mine and Dan’s novels. Not too long now before this little baby is all grown up and ready to fend for its self in the pits of hell (publishing).

These are the three big ones for the week but there’s also the usual short story writing, podcast recording, Kickstarter fulfilment, fiancée smooching, etc.

Oh... and a new secret project. 

READING - The Ones That Got Away by Stephen Graham Jones

LISTENING - Joe Rogan Podcast

WATCHING - True Detective Se1 (REWATCH)