MØ7: Do summat, Manchester (& SOME THOUGHTS ON WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW)



The Run

Yesterday I ran the Great North Run. A 10k trek across the city of Manchester that works its way up to the set of Corrie and back.

The Mancunian spirit was palpable. It fizzled up from the red bricks in the summer heat, filled the air with adrenaline and pride. I was stood amongst thousands of others waiting for our wave to start when the poet, Tony Walsh grabbed a mic and repeated to us the need to 'do summat’.

And the run itself was pretty great. I couldn’t stop if I wanted to. In fact, I did try at the 5km mark. I thought that I should give my legs a quick break but the momentum kept them moving forwards, and when I reached the 8km mark, that Eminem song ’Til I Collapse’ came on and there is literally no way to stop running whilst listening to that. That song is nitrous oxide for the feet.

I clocked in my first 10k at 1hr 11 minutes. Beat my goal of 1hr and 15. Can't wait for the next one.

KonCocktions & WHY POSt-APOC?

That's the name I give all of my co-written novel work Daniel Willcocks. A Kondor-Willcocks Production. A KonCocktion, as it were.


As Dan works his way through his edit of the second Rot book, I’m already sketching out new characters and story ideas for book 3. At the same time he’s doing his final proof of Lazarus and getting ready to first draft a whole new post-apoc book series (more about that later). 

I can’t tell you exactly why post-apoc has taken me so well and truly this past year. I think for the longest time I’ve assumed the world can only move in a positive direction. I’ve always figured that things could only become more peaceful, more compassionate. I thought the internet, the information, the technology would make us whole. But I think it was after Brexit that I realised it’s not as straight-forward as that. We’re not on an escalator to the top. This thing is a fucking rollercoaster and I’ve got the feeling that someone’s been fucking with the track up ahead and we’re all going to die Final Destination-style.

So anyway, all I mean to say is… soon enough, I’ll be first drafting the third Rot book.

So if all goes to plan we should be looking to release the following this year:

They Rot Book 2 (June/July)

Lazarus (Undecided)

They Rot Book 3 (Christmas?)

And that whole other series we're working on.

Lots to crack on with.


I’m so close to finishing my story idea a day challenge and honestly I’m so ready. Coming up with story ideas isn’t particularly hard, but it is something that you have to open yourself up to. You stick out your idea-antenna and catch whatever signals you can. Occasionally something will click with something else and it’ll catch on you and wham bam you got an idea on your hands. 

Although I can’t wait to finish it. I do like working on projects like this. They keep me active. They keep me thinking and processing. So I’m trying to think of something I can do afterwards. A PROJECT52 — maybe a short story a week? Maybe an article a week? Who knows? I'm still chewing on that.

EL Marvo

The art is so close to being finished. I had a lovely Skype session with Ben the other day to go through some revisions of the script. We're now so close to having the finished comic in our hands I can almost smell the fresh press. 

I've also been thinking about putting together a small 2-page comic to put online for free. Just a short short story. There are a couple of artists out there who I'd love to work with so who knows. The only problem is that it all costs money. Money money money.

READING - Tunnel Rats Ep 1 by Nick Cole & Michael Bunker

WATCHING - Alien: Covenant

DRINKING - Lemsip & Fruit Juice

This Is The Place

I'll close this post off with Tony Walsh reading 'This is the place' at the vigil held for the victims of the Manchester Attack. Spine-tingling stuff. Anyway. Catch you later.