MØ28: 'What is Life?' & Other Interactive Media Nightmares




Another quick one this week. It seems like all the busy stuff is happening today, right now, so I just gotta crack on.

How are you? 

Here are some interesting bits:

  • 12,000 words into my new novella and it’s going well. The more I work on it, the more I realise that it's the thematic cousin of Keith —  AI, what is life, interactive multimedia nightmares, etc. Also, 1000 words a day is achievable. No matter how busy you are. You can always find a bit of time to crank out 1000 words. 
  • NaNoBoozeMo is happening — write 50,000 words, run 50,000 metres, no booze, Nov 1st-30th. Come join me!
  • We had a massive leak in the house on the weekend. The kind of leak that warrants a landlord visit. Which of course means the house is now super clean because you can’t have a landlord visit without cleaning up like you just murdered a man in the bathroom. So anyway, we got to talking and the landlord said he’d be open to us buying the house off of him sometime in the future. Interesting. Owning property is definitely something I’d like to do at some point but it always seemed like some impossible mountain. One for the future.
  • N.S. Paul is running a pretty awesome looking KS for his comic, Resurrection Men. Absolutely love his art style.
  • "...fiction writers should abandon technically correct writing and experiment in the same way painters were forced to experiment in order to keep their medium relevant.” More wisdom nuggets on this article by CHUCK PALAHNIUK.
  • Stick some headphones on and listen to this. Do it! It’s this amazing demo of a haircut recorded binaurally. It’s all kinds of amazing. I’d LOVE to do an episode of The Other Stories using this technique.
  • Did you hear my latest episode of The Other Stories? It's called Ocean Eyes and it's fucking great. 



Uzumaki by Junji Ito - 

I mean this book is amazing. 

The idea of a town becoming infected with the idea of spirals is incredible in itself, but the stories Ito pulls out of that one idea is downright genius. 

I'm so incredibly impressed by the way he can draw these absurd body horror ideas and translate them to the page so easily. The snail transformation, the knotted bodies in the row houses, the scar that sucks in the eye. It's so, so good


Suspiria - See Horror Hangout.

Eyes Without A Face - See Horror Hangout (on Wednesday anyway)

1922 - Incredibly bleak, played very straight, a little slow, and Thomas Jane's accent was good but sounded like he was chewing on condoms a little bit. I could almost hear the spitty plastic squeaking between his molars. BUT... not to take away from his performance, because it really was quite good.

So I'm gonna down this soy-filter coffee, prep some talking points for tonight's podcast recording, and get my 1000 words in.


Until next time,

Luke & Family.