Dog Done Bad!

Rhuben has always wanted to be a dog, and now he might just be able to, but first he has to get approval from the misses.

‘Dog Done Bad’ is an absurd relationship comedy about a husband who asks too much of his wife. The film will deal with an unbalanced marriage, a case of species dysmorphia, and fickle aspirations. The absurdity of the film is designed to contrast with the everyday struggles of marriage.

The story involves an out of work husband, Rhuben, who has just learned of a brand new operation; a Dog-Optomy. This operation can turn any human being into a dog. Seeing this, and suddenly convinced that it's been his lifelong passion to be a border collie, Rhuben tries to convince his wife to fund the operation.

After Rhuben gets the operation, he becomes even more reliant of his wife; requiring her to feed him, clean him, and even pick up his poo. The film ends with her resolving to have him put down.


Being John Malkovich 

The Metamorphosis


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