He's here. Open up wide. Prepare to receive nourishment. Tonight we bring you tales of horror and wonder from across the multiverse. Tastes great. BYOB.

It's been five years...

...since my first short story got published. I wrote a little ditty about people living in a man's beard. 

Since then I've been squirrelled away in my writing cave, working on my craft, embracing the weird, working out how to write a great short story. 

Take The Corvus is a collection of twenty of my best. Made up from people's choices, personal favourites, and the most widely read. 

Topics including, but not limited to:

An iPhone from another dimension. A Post-Apocalyptic London Marathon. A misremembered childhood. Mad Photoshop skills gone bad. A Cardboard VR system. Possessed dogs. Gordon Ramsey. 

Here's a tasty book trailer: