missing body parts

Paddy Doherty has a problem, his body parts are disappearing one by one. Before he vanishes completely, he wants to tell you about his greatest achievement, how he won a woman’s heart.

The Missing Body Parts Of Paddy Doherty is 12,000 words of love, romance, and weirdness. 

“It’s like if David Lynch and Woody Allen had sex and gave birth to an ebook." 

Cover art by Rob Burton.




His Dirty Little Portal CoverALT.jpg
His Dirty Little Portal banner.jpg

A Hat & Spoon Story.

In a world devoid of happiness, Neville Turner may have found his salvation; A tiny portal floating around in the bottom of his tea. 

Luke Kondor is a master of wit and satire - His Dirty Little Portal had me laughing all the way through. A great read!
— Vic Errington, Flash Fiction World

Why should you read it?

It's a quirky, humorous, sci-fi story about a man and his portal.

It's 5000 words of backwards logic, parallel dimensions, and distressed web designers.

If you like the stories of Etgar Keret, Andrew Kaufman, or Douglas Adams, then this might be your thing.

It's also great for people who like portals.

Why shouldn't you read it?

You're not a fan of portals.

What are my ears gonna do?

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Ralfe Band - Stephen

Jim Guthrie - Jimmy's Lament

Bonobo - Black Sands

Ralfe Band - Atlantis Rising

 Jim Guthrie - Syncing Feeling

Jim Guthrie - Trust