The Storyteller's Podcast

I've started a thing.

It's a podcast. 

It's called The Storyteller's Podcast - A Series Of Interviews With Writers, Directors, Comedians, Poets, Games Designers & Other Storytellers Of The 21st Century.

I recorded the first interview last week, and it's finally online. Go check it here

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So why am I doing this?

With all this talk of technology I feel like modern storytellers aren't getting the chance to talk about the art, the love, the freedom of storytelling. Why does one do it? In a post-medium world where storytelling has many faces, where does one start with storytelling? Well ... let's find out.

I'm so excited about this show. It allows me to talk to my favourite people about my favourite subject.

If you're a modern storyteller then I know you're going to like it too.