The Gentlemen & The Beggars

It seems that a lot of filmmaking (at my level) is about applying for funding. It's a little like panhandling. Holding out your little copper tin asking for some money from a group of complete strangers to get some nourishment.

The problem is there are too few funding bodies and too many panhandlers. Each time you apply for a scheme you hold your breath, wait two or more weeks to hear back, and the odds are, that you haven't won. Ouch. Aspirations hurt much?

Something you might have noticed, is the people who've been funded once, seem to get funded repeatedly. You could put this down to pure super awesome talent, but it's more likely that the people with the money see them as a safe bet. How could they pick the wrong person if they've already been picked before by some other prestigious funding body? It's a great way to not get fired. 

So let's put that 1% of pre-picked aside for a second. This leaves the rest of us. The 99%. 

I don't play the lottery, because the numbers don't add up, and neither does this. 


Whilst trying to raise funds for an animation project earlier this year, I realised that I was going to have to put the money forward myself. So I decided that this would be the year I make some headway into financial freedom. It's always been on the to-do list, but now I want to make a film ... it's a necessity. 

Yeh sure I've read The Four Hour Workweek. I know the drill. Ecommerce right?

So that's my plan. To set up an Ecommerce business which I can put as many or as little hours in as I want to, and to use some of those lovely extra profits to fund film projects. After all that's what Francis Ford Copella does right? He has his own wine business first, and he makes films second.

My idea of what to sell - premium ties and bow-ties made from recycled coffee sacks. 

I whipped up this website within a couple of hours, and then spent an evening messaging people who I thought would be interested. And you know what? I got orders. 

I don't want to go into numbers, but let's just say the project is a go. 

My plan is to fulfil those orders, and to go to work on the website, the payment process, the fulfilment process, and most importantly ... the product, for an official relaunch at the start of June.

I never saw myself as the business-type before, but now I can see why people get into it. There's an art involved. Building this little business is just as much fun as putting together any short film or ebook project that I've done in the past. It's more about building something cool that resonates.

My ties are for awesome modern gentlemen and gentleladies. If that's you then sign up here and I'll give you a shout when we re-launch.