For a long time I've been using an application called Tasksmash.

Is it about task-smashing or is it about tasks-mashing? ... well ... let me tell you about it.

It was developed by a certain Mr Tynan and I personally believe it's productivity's best kept secret.

This guy was has lived a pretty interesting life, most of which he's blogged about. He's been a professional gambler, a character in the infamous book about pickup artists - 'The Game', he is a pretty amazing travel-hacker, and he currently lives in an RV.

Oh yeh, and he recently bought his own island.

I've been reading his blog for about five years now. I've seen him grow and develop through the years, but I think the coolest thing he's ever done is Tasksmash.

Initially it appears to be a pretty standard to-do list web app, but this one is all about not breaking the chain. If you finish all your tasks in any given day, it goes green, if you don't do anything, it goes red.

The aim is to build a big long streak of green days. You know you've put in a poor effort when you look back at a month and it's all red.

Currently Tynan is focused well and truly on his blogging platform SETT. It looks great. It looks like he's already got heaps of users, and it could take off at any minute.

But out of all the craziness that is Tynan, I want to thank him for creating something so simple and brilliant. So ... thanks Tynan.

I'd recommend you all to sign up and to go mash some tasks.