Releasing An eBook

The other day I dipped my toes into the self-publishing world.

It was nice and wasn't in the least bit demeaning.

I released my short story 'His Dirty Little Portal' as on Amazon. 

In the first few hours I was a little scared, but as the download numbers rose and I got my first good review, I relaxed. 

With the love and support of my friends and family we managed to push the book to number 6 in the Free Short Stories category of the Kindle Charts. 

I wasn't expecting much, so I'd call that a success. 

The thing I'm most happy about though, is how many of my friends got the story. How many of them messaged me after reading it with sincere questions regarding the 'screaming' web designer.


I was inspired by the guys at Dead Ink

They're a digital only publisher who have a strong sense of aesthetic value -- They create beautiful looking eBooks. 

They seem to know what they're doing. 

Here's to the next one.