The Indie Author Movement 2014

It feels like a movement.

Doesn't it?

It feels like somethings happening.

It feels like self-publishing has taken a step up. The editing is tighter. The books are bigger. The covers are prettier. 

It feels like we're at level 2, or 3. I don't know what level we're on, but we're heading in the right direction.

The Sterling & Stone guys, Johnny, Sean, & Dave, are building a readership so loyal they'd sell their kidneys or even their kid's knees to get a hold of the latest releases.

David Gaughran, the techno-wizard he is, is busy tinkering away with the Amazon algorithms working out the magicks. He's popping out algorithm alchemy left right and centre.

Joanna Penn, the business person of self-publishing is giving it to us straight with her lessons learned from her previous life as a business IT consultant.

Hugh Howey is wool, and by that I mean he's kicking ass. He's also giving us the numbers we all needed at

Chuck Wendig is showing how a hybrid author (half man half beard) can pull together a tribe through the sheer power of having an authentic voice, albeit one full of naughty words.